Google Says: “You can’t include phone number in Adwords ads”

It’s long been a shortcut for many phone conversion-orientated businesses – including phone numbers in the text of Adwords ads to get your number in front of people on the Google results page, without them having to click on the ad (and you pay money to Google).

Google consoles us with the fact that advertisers can still get their numbers showing next to their ads using Address Extensions. But the important difference here is that Google controls when it displays address extensions. Google is all about control and the truth is that by showing a phone number in the ad text, an advertiser can avoid having to pay Google very much at all.

The new Ad guidelines state that from April new ads displaying a phone number in the text will start to be disapproved, but we’re seeing this already. What will happen to existing ads remains to be seen, but the end is nigh…


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