7 Things our Free SEO Review Will Reveal About Your Website

The best things in life are free. The smell of old bookshops, the sun beaming down on your face, and a FREE SEO review from Exposure Ninja.

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While an old bookshop may satisfy your thirst for knowledge and nostalgia, it probably won’t make your website money. A free SEO review, on the other hand, could boost your traffic, leads and conversion rate. Try finding those three in a hardback copy of Oliver Twist.

It all starts with a FREE SEO Review…

If you don’t know who we are yet, Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency in Nottingham. We help clients from all over the world to make more money online — and it all starts with a free SEO review.

Here are eight important things that our review will pick up on, all of which could mean cold, hard cash for your business.

1. Improve Usability and User Experience

There are a bunch of rules in web design, but only one that most people can agree on: keep it simple. Your visitors shouldn’t have to work hard to find particular products or find your contact details. Simple websites mean that our brains have less work to do and also convert better.

Your website should feature important information above the fold (the part of the page that is immediately visible, without scrolling). It should also have clear, logically-placed “Buy” buttons to take all the guesswork out of making a purchase. Our review will look at these things and a bunch of others to ensure your website is easy to navigate and converts visitors into customers.

2. Boost Search Rankings and Traffic

Our free SEO review extends beyond your website. We go deep into the statistical side of search engines and see where you rank for relevant search terms. If you’re not at the top of Google, we’ll help you get there. Heck, we even wrote a book about it.

Once we’ve figured out why you’re not sitting in the top spot of a Google search, we’ll create a dedicated plan to fix that. The ultimate goal is to bring in more traffic, and climbing up the search rankings can have a huge effect on that. We use a variety of free and paid channels to give your website the visibility it deserves. If you decide to work with us — which you’re under no obligation to do, by the way — we’ll keep track of your search rankings so you can monitor our progress.

3. Optimise Your Website to Make More Sales

Your eCommerce website should be efficient at converting visitors into paying customers. If it’s not, we’ll find out why. Our free SEO review checks that you’ve got a clear call to action on each page, nudging visitors towards making a purchase.

We also know that the rate of checkout abandonment is around 69%, and have a number of top-secret methods of bringing this figure waaay down. It’s no use spending money on bringing traffic to your website if you’re not converting clicks into sales. Sometimes, our solution is as simple as changing the colour of a “Buy” button. Other times, it will involve a complete website redesign.

4. In-Depth Competitor Analysis

What are your main competitors up to? We’ll put on our detective hat and find out. If they’re making a killing by tapping into a market that you hadn’t considered, we’ll draw up a plan so you can blow them out of the water.

We’ll also highlight areas of their websites and marketing channels that are doing well. We don’t think that copying is the way to succeed in business, so our SEO review will give you some tips on how to lead the pack, rather than chase behind.

5. Perfect Your Web Copy

“Copy” is just another word for “text”, and yours should be ship-shape. The amount of text on each page and the formatting are both important factors in keeping visitors interested. If your target customers are confronted with a wall of text, you can bet a shiny penny that they won’t be reading it. In fact, they’ll probably bounce right off of your website entirely.

6. Discover Unknown Marketing Channels

Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency that has a secret weapon: Digital PR. We’ve got an unbeatable team of writers that are experts in spreading the word of our clients. They carry out blogger outreach and find authoritative publications to gain backlinks to client websites. The result is a bigger, better online profile for your business.

The free SEO review will tell you if our Digital PR Consultants could help you out. To date, our Ninjas have secured coverage for our clients in The Guardian, Entrepreneur and even a slot on live BBC television! Traffic and backlinks from these top-notch sources will improve your SEO performance and bring in valuable referral traffic. Those are two big wins in our book.

7. Use our Expertise from Helping Over 10,000 Businesses

Growing businesses is what we do. We’ve done it for four years and have helped over 10,000 different businesses from all over the world. Exposure Ninja employs over 60 people, from SEO specialists and Digital PR Ninjas, to Social Media whizz kids. The one thing they’ve all got in common is the experience and know-how when it comes to making businesses more money.

So if you want your website to make more money, claim your FREE SEO review today. And yes, I mean today. Do it now. Do it.

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