EN Podcast #72: From Zero To International Best-Selling App Without Writing A Line Of Code?!

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Once unattainable or a luxury in most industries, apps are pretty much commonplace in today’s online world. Every major brand and company you can think of will have its own app. Sooner rather than later, we’ll reach the point where if your business does not have some sort of app, you’ll be behind the curve.

But, just like all other avenues of your business, an app needs to be presented and promoted well to succeed. A poor-quality app that’s difficult to navigate or isn’t functional will flop, potentially creating a negative perception around your entire business. Promotion, meanwhile, is even trickier, with a very limited amount of avenues through which to generate awareness – let alone interest – around a fresh app.

We’re chatting once again to Moran Pober in this digital marketing podcast episode, who has plenty of experience when it comes to owning a successful app. Moran founded iTips: an app that has featured in the top 100 in the app stores of some of the biggest markets on the globe, including the UK, the US and Canada. He talks us through the decision of acquiring and investing in the app, spotting a hole in the market and an opportunity to dominate it – just like all great business strategies. And the best part for Moran is: all of the technical work was carried out by a well-crafted team of app experts.

The development and promotion of the app carried out by this team was vital, making use of new iOS updates to meet its new criteria for content within the Apple app store. Well-targeted paid traffic was utilised, whilst some agile work on landing pages, featured screenshots and icon changes also played their part. If you’re looking for ways to improve conversions and user experience on your app, or are still looking to launch an app, there are some mega-useful tips in this episode for you.

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