EN Podcast #71: How To Acquire Companies To Turbocharge Growth – Even If You Are Not A ‘Rich Investor’

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At a glance, the journey of a business towards success can seem like a pretty set-in-stone path, regardless of your industry. Build a client base, sell more and more products, increase your hires and expand the company – that’s the framework you’ll often find in a business, but that doesn’t mean it should be the one that you follow.

Instead of battling against competitors using that standard process, what if you could acquire those competitors – or other business that possess synergy with yours – and expand that way? Sure, it’s bound to be quite an expense during your company’s formative years. But, if you pick the right businesses and negotiate well, it’s an investment that could give you some serious pulling power.

In this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we talk to Moran Pober: the founder of ABD Assets. ABD is independent firm that specialises in business transactions, working with companies with huge upsides and assisting them with their goals. There’s no better person than Moran, then, to chat to about how acquiring relevant companies can be a route to success.

Moran gives us a further understanding of acquisitions can allow you to advance in a number of ways, such as speeding up the progress and quality of your products or services – or even create brand new ones altogether. He gives us some tips on identifying the companies that could benefit yours if acquired, how to ensure equity in your deal, and how integrate your new acquisition swiftly, smoothly and effectively.

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