EN Podcast #70: The Digital Marketing Strategies Tutora Used To Fuel Their Explosive Growth In 2.5 Years

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From handing out flyers in a local park for proof of concept, to a consumer base of thousands of satisfied return users – all in just over 24 months. Sounds like the sort of business success story you’d want to learn more about, right?

Mark Hughes is the co-founder of the Tutora and our latest guest on the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast. Hughes has played an integral role (alongside fellow co-founder Scott Woodley) in Tutora defying the odds and flourishing as a business, less than three years since its inception. Not only that, but Mark and the team have achieved this in a relatively crowded market, populated by established names with considerable financial backing.

This success was achieved via a somewhat untraditional form of investment, too: crowdfunding. And all this has been carried out with a ‘chicken and egg’ business model, which many have tried and failed to, shall we say, crack. The company connects students and tutors in all manner of different contacts – from academic studies to piano lessons. For Tutora to succeed, tutors are required to join up so the students can find what they’re looking for… but the tutors need students on the system to be convinced to join.

It’s a tricky platform to master, but Tutora has nailed it, thanks in no small part to some awesome digital marketing strategies. Mark talks us through the company’s use of PPC, SEO, Facebook remarketing and plenty more to help them dominate their market, as well as a glimpse into what the future holds for this trailblazing business.

From the techniques used, to the mind-set that’s driven the business to incredible heights, there are plenty of actionable tips and theories in this podcast episode to carry over to your own projects and experiences. Enjoy!

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