EN Podcast #62: A Simple Guide To Anchor Text: How To Use It Effectively For SEO To Increase Your Site’s Ranking

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Like so many other areas of SEO and content marketing, anchor text is all about relevance to your brand and value to your audience.

When done right, anchor text plays a major role in the online visibility of your website, meaning you risk being behind plenty of competitors if you don’t utilise it. However, going in all guns blazing without knowing your stuff could prove ineffective or even costly for your business, as search engines view your scattergun approach as spammy and hit you with a penalty.

We’re always telling you how awesome our Ninjas are here at Exposure Ninja, but don’t just take our word for it. To break down the rules and importance of anchor text, we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to chat to than Andy Tuxford – one of our resident SEO experts. Andy has also written an extensive article on anchor text which he refers to in this podcast on the EN blog.

Andy tells us how the days of keyword stuffing and Google-bombing are over thanks to updates and smarter algorithms, creating a more difficult, but fairer platform for all SEO strategies to compete. He outlines the seven types of anchor text you can use, stressing the importance of using each naturally, and gives some easy-to-implement examples of what makes for correct and beneficial anchor text.

With Google’s algorithms constantly improving, it actually makes SEO strategies like anchor text use simpler than you might think. Google is looking to reward content that is useful and relevant to web users, so you should be creating content on your website that does exactly that. Using anchor text within blog posts and web copy that takes users to appropriate pages and helps readers answer questions is of massive importance. In this episode, the Exposure Ninja team tells you how to do exactly that.

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