EN Podcast #61: How To Turn A Freelance Business Into A Global Platform

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Success stories. As an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to carve your own path to prominence, success stories are something you should be paying VERY close attention to.

They’re not unattainable, irrelevant tales, and they’re certainly not just another business bragging about its big numbers and rise to fame and fortune. There are paths to success that always, without fail, hold some kind of strategy, tip, or piece of information that you can bring into your own approach to guiding your projects.

On this episode of the Exposure Ninja Digital Marketing Podcast, we go under the hood of an awesome modern success story. Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of voices.com, Stephanie Ciccarelli, was kind enough to chat with us about the rapid progress of her business. Voices.com is a platform for companies and voiceover artists from over 130 countries to find each other and work together on projects.

Stephanie spoke to us just days after a global leader in investment banking, Morgan Stanley, chose to invest in her business. That’s just the latest giant step forward voices.com has taken in recent years, as the brand has quickly grown from just Stephanie and her husband doing their own voiceovers, to a globally recognised brand that over 500,000 voiceover artists and major businesses use to set up projects.

So, what does Stephanie put that success down to? As well as that necessary, heavy dose of determination and business savvy, voices.com has benefitted massively from the use of content marketing strategies. From understanding which marketing channels to focus on, to the importance of regular and targeted blog posts, to the tips which saw the website rocket up the search engine results, Stephanie talks us through the strategies which guided her brand to the top. It’s a shining example of how content marketing can when utilised correctly, give your business a nitrous boost of energy. So take the relevant tips from this success story and turbocharge your own journey to the top!

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