EN Podcast #41: How to Get Your Business on TV and in the Media

Digital marketing is our main here focus at Exposure Ninja. But, the potential of being featured in the media and generating PR the old-fashioned remains so valuable. We chat to Christina Nicholson on this episode of the EN podcast to discover how you can use traditional PR in the modern day. Listen here or head to iTunes and Stitcher, where you’ll find our archive of podcasts with many more marketing experts.

Traditional PR tips from Christina Nicholson

Traditional PR is something that we don’t talk about much on the Exposure Ninja podcast. As digital marketing experts, we’re primarily focused on the internet and, therefore, online PR. But, we’re interested in all forms of marketing. Plus, we want to give you content that guides you on everything that marketing has to offer.

In this episode, Christina Nicholson of Media Maven explains how businesses can tap into the authority and credibility of so-called “regular PR”. We also discuss what TV and media editors are looking for, and the mistakes many businesses make which mean their pitches get totally ignored. Make sure to avoid these slip-ups so that you can make sure your pitches get the job done!

Discover the importance of traditional PR

Even in today’s aonline world, the marketing industry is not purely based around the internet. From newspapers, to physical sponsoring, to media advertisements, the many forms marketing has taken still have an influence right now.

So, how can your business best use traditional PR avenues, specifically the media, in a positive way? Christina has experience on both sides of the media relations world. So, she knows exactly what the media is looking for when it comes to PR. Her advice in this podcast episode is experience-driven and exactly the sort of knowledge you need to approach traditional PR the right way.

You can download a free copy of Christina’s book on mastering media relations right here!

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