EN Podcast #37: How to Build an Empire Around Your Personal Brand

Find out how real estate legend Jason Hartman built his personal brand into an international juggernaut in this EN Podcast! Want to hear more inspirational stories and useful tips from the best? Check out or podcast archive on iTunes and Stitcher for a treasure trove of valuable advice.

In this episode, Head Ninja Tim joined by Jason Hartman. You might not know Jason if you’re in the UK, but he has built his personal brand over in the United States in real estate. Jason’s achieved all this through both his own real estate portfolio and his training company.

He’s also a prolific podcaster. When we say prolific, his company publishes dozens of podcasts and his main one has over 800 episodes. That’s pretty freakin’ serious.

How to turn your personal brand into an empire

What’s fascinating about Jason is how he’s built an empire around his personal brand. Discover how he came up with a personal brand message which resonated so well with his audience and the marketing toolkit he’s used to work in so many areas. Also, we get an insight into his podcasting strategy and why he has created so many episodes!

Jason is a truly fascinating guy with a great story, so enjoy the show.

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