EN Podcast #33: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Mummy Blog & How to Work With Mummy Bloggers

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Mummy bloggers can provide some of the most profitable and influential visibility for companies they work with. For many businesses, though, working with social influencers is a step into the dark unknown. Nobody wants a botched attempt at collaborating with influencers. However, armed with a little inside knowledge, working with the likes of mummy blogs could be a breakthrough moment for your business.

Harness the power of mummy blogs – with help from Honest Mum

In this episode, Head Ninja Tim talks with the person many call the Queen of the Mummy Bloggers: Vicki from Honest Mum. We get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like running a mummy blog. We also find out what Vicki is looking for in her brand partnerships. Not only that, but we even discover how companies like yours should best approach bloggers and influencers. Vicki talks us through some example campaigns, how to think about sponsorship fees and what sort of content angles work best.

Mummy blogs have emerged as a key tool in online marketing. The opportunity to work with the likes of Honest Mum is a key goal for businesses in countless industries. But it’s not about landing the chance to work with mummy blogs and pitching whatever idea you want. You have to know what will benefit the influencer and what will attract your preferred audience, whilst maintaining the objectives of your business. Working with mummy blogs the right way is no small feat – but some key advice from Vicki will give you some invaluable knowledge to use in your plan.

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