EN Podcast #22: How Even Boring Companies Can Create Viral-Worthy Content

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Sick of writing blog posts that no-one reads? Fed up with getting no shares on your social media posts? Viral content is what all online businesses want to achieve, so wouldn’t it be useful to have some expert guidance on how to achieve this?

In this episode of the Exposure Ninja podcast, Head Ninja Tim Cameron-Kitchen talks with Joe Friedlein of Browser Media. They chat about how any business – yes, even yours – can come up with interesting stories, creative angles and the holy grail: viral content. Hear examples from businesses that are far more ‘boring’ than yours and discover how they took an off-piste approach to come up with viral content. Hear about ideas that had more impact than they could have possibly hoped, earning them awareness and links on a huge scale.

No matter how niche, small or ‘bland’, every business has the opportunity to go viral. After listening to this podcast, you’ll have the knowledge needed to create unique content that puts your brand under the spotlight.

About the Author

Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.