EN Podcast #19: Why am I not making sales?!? How to troubleshoot your digital marketing

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This episode is for anyone who has set up an ad campaign, driven some traffic to their website and sat back waiting for sales… and waited… and no sales. Marketing always involves an element of the unknown, and campaigns zero even for experienced marketers from time to time. So what’s the process you need to go through to identify where the blockage lies?

We’ll explain how you can work backward, up through your funnel, to find where the campaign is underperforming. Are you driving enough traffic? Is it the *right* traffic? Are people getting to your site and dropping out?

Head over to the blog and read a longer post about this process at http://exposureninja.wpengine.com/website-isnt-making-sales-troubleshooting-digital-marketing/

About the Author

Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.