What to Do If Your Target Market Doesn’t Use Social Media

What to Do If Your Target Market Doesn't Use Social Media

Some businesses will assume that their core audience doesn’t use social media. They believe that their target market is either in too boring an industry to warrant following in on their own social media accounts, or disinterested in being targeted by advertorial content in their Facebook or Twitter timeline so avoid following related businesses altogether.

Even if either of these two options are true (which it often isn’t — even people in the most boring industries use some social media), it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be a profitable use of time and energy.

As well as the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits there are new profitable leads to be found indirectly via relationships with others in their industry.

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How to Market To Unconnected Audiences

One of our clients (let’s call them Smart Homes) is a luxury home technology company whose customers are often wealthy foreign businessmen with second (or fourth or fortieth) homes in the UK. This sort of customer isn’t going to be Tweeting Smart Homes’ customer service questions about home automation wiring any time soon. In fact, most of Smart Homes’ sales don’t go through these wealthy businessmen at all, they go through their wives. But by providing an up-to-date and aspirational social media profile covering the latest in home technology and interiors, they can attract an audience of interior design companies and other businesses involved in high end home renovation, which in turn makes Smart Homes look attractive in the eyes of these wealthy businessmen, and more importantly, their wives.

Following, Retweeting and interacting with these potential business partners and sources of referrals means they can be actively involved in building an online community around this market

So if your reaction is that your audience doesn’t use social media, firstly check that assumption and secondly find an audience for that does and can still make you money from.

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How To Identify Connected Partners

To identify indirect relationships all you need to do is sit down with an empty piece of paper and a pen and start by creating a spider diagram that begins with your target customer in the very centre of the page. From this identify each related industry that the potential client may be trying to buy from, or sell to. Write down the top three companies for each industry and choose these as your access point.

Start by writing targeted social media updates that resonate with them and how your product will make their life easier in dealing with your original target client.

By selling indirectly you not only end up with your non-social media using client hearing about your product (and potentially buying it), to also adding another industry client and partner who you can do business with repeatedly in the future.

Which social network is your target market using?

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