Does your site deserve to rank well?

We get sent a lot of websites for review. In fact, sometimes I personally spend as much as 14 hours looking at different sites, analysing their optimisation, spying on competitors, planning strategy and identifying market gaps.

From pet food companies, wedding businesses, tradesmen, real estate, golf, massage… pretty much any market you can imagine, plus the ones you don’t want to imagine.

Here’s a question I wish I could ask every website owner who thinks their website isn’t performing as well in the rankings as it should:

Why does your website deserve to rank at the top of Google?

If you can answer this question with a good answer, you have a shot at ranking well. If your answer would make potential customers nod in agreement, then you’re on the right lines and with a bit of tweaking, some optimisation and some good quality promotion, you’ll be off to the races and bringing in new business.

But my guess is that most website owners don’t have a clear answer to this question in their heads.

This largely explains why potential customers don’t buy as much from them as they might, and why Google doesn’t see the need to rank their site well.

You see if you’re site offers genuine value – more than just being another copy – it’s the sort of thing that will grow popular. SEO and promotion can certainly help it, but with a good business idea and good execution you’ll be OK.

Websites without a compelling reason for buyers to buy are left trying to multiply zeroes.

An Example

There’s a business I’ve just come across that sells ready made affiliate websites. You buy a ready made camping website, for example, and you now own that site. It has lots of products on it, and actually looks quite like a real business.

But it doesn’t sell anything.

Every time you click on a product, you’re taken to a different site – a real website for a real business that actually sells something. These ready made affiliate sites are a little bit like taking a box of cereal, pulling out the cereal and putting it in a different box with a different brand name and expecting the orders to come flying in.

Except all the actual content on the affiliate site is from the ‘real site’ as well, so it’s really more like taking a box of cereal, sticking a cheap sticker over the brand name and tucking the ‘new’ box at the bottom of the shelf underneath all the other cereals and trying to sell it at the same price as the established brand.

What on earth would make someone decide to buy this stickered cereal rather than the real thing?

What on earth would make someone buy from an unknown affiliate site rather than the real site?

Being able to convincingly answer the question ‘Why does your website deserve to rank highly on Google’ is really really important. If you can’t answer it convincingly, then I suggest that figuring it out is the most important thing you’ll do this year for your business

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Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.


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