How To Develop A Ninja Social Media Strategy

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When running social media platforms for your business, a well thought out, totally Ninja strategy is fundamental for making sure you maintain a killer presence.

In our digital age, social media marketing is an absolute must for all businesses. And it’s easy to see why everyone wants a piece of the action! Killer results can be achieved through a well-thought out social media campaign, and the direct line you have to your customers is unrivalled.

If you’re not sure what you’re doing, though, social media can feel like quite an ad hoc marketing tool. Just thinking of Twitter and the never-ending stream of updates that filter down your feed, and you see how people fall into a make it up as you go along attitude to social media marketing.

As with anything in life — and any digital marketing strategy — that effortless look takes time and patience to achieve and is carefully cultivated through a well-planned social media strategy. Let’s take a look at what that involves, and how you can be on your way to social media success.

What Are The Challenges I’m Addressing?

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Social media is an amazing marketing tool available at your fingertips! Not only are you constantly communicating directly with your customers, but you might also run additional outreach activities such as giveaways or competitions. With so many possibilities it’s important to have a good idea of the specific challenges you want to meet with your online presence.

It might be that you want to get customers shopping on your website? Maybe you want them to sign up to a particular service? Or do you feel like your brand awareness is lacking?

Focus clearly on one or two main goals at a time for the best results, to have the most slick appearance you can. Once you’ve pinned this down, then you can analyse the way forward from here.

Take A Step Back


Now you know what you want to achieve, this is the moment you can have a proper look at your current situation, and how it could be improved. Take stock of where you are now, and what you think you could be doing better.

It might be that you need some expert input here, and getting a proper audit on your company’s social media is always going to give you something useful to work with. Get in touch with us for a totally ninja breakdown of where you’re at.

With your goals in mind, you might decide that your posting schedule isn’t up to scratch, your follower/following ratio is way off base, or your engagement is too low. Decide on some measurable objectives that feed into your overall aims.

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Check Out The Competition



It’s good to know what the competition are up to in any industry, and with social media, they’re right there for you to check out. Obviously, your brand has its own fabulous uniqueness and that should never be something you compromise on, but you can still take inspiration from others.

Do they share any content that seems really popular? Have there been any topics that customers have loved? Keep on top of what they are doing that you could be emulating as this can be a great way to get some new ideas and make sure you don’t fall behind in your social media marketing.

Content Is Everything


One of the most important elements of an amazing social media strategy is sharing content that people actually want to read. While it sounds pretty elementary, it’s also one of the most time-consuming parts of having a killer social media presence.

This should be a mix of content that you curate from interesting and relevant sources, and your own content as part of your digital PR strategy.

Most of all, make sure you plan in advance the content you’re going to share. A tool like Buffer that allows to schedule content on a variety of different platforms is the best way to do this — and can even tell you when is the best time to post on each of your platforms.

Keeping Track Of It All


After all of this work, you need to know if it’s paying off or not. Using analytics tools on your social media platforms is the best way to do this, and both Facebook and Twitter have user-friendly and comprehensive stats available at the click of a button.

You can view your reach (Twitter calls these impressions, but it’s the number of people who see your posts), as well the engagement levels with each post. Take what you learn from here, and keep on improving! Are you users loving your blogs, but the pictures you share not going down so well? Adapting and improving continuously will help you eventually hit your social media marketing sweet spot!

If you want some ninja help with your social media strategy, then we are on hand! Sign up for an audit of your current platforms and we’ll discuss with you how you can start smashing it in no time.

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