4 Powerful Content Types We Use To Boost Our Social Sharing

Content types to boost social sharing

Creating particularly shareworthy content requires some thought and, yes, a little hard work.

Spur of the moment offers (“10% off” – boring!) or updates about your business (“new website!” – who cares?) just aren’t going to stand out from the 4.5 billion other pages on the internet.

Creating good content paired with well-established sharing strategies can improve the brand awareness and generate an increased lift in lead generation that can be converted into sales.

Some are easy, some require more effort; some are cheap, some involve an investment. Rather than head straight for the easy ones (that’s what everyone else will do), seriously consider the ones that make you uncomfortable or stretch you outside your comfort zone:

Here are some content creation strategies we employ that you can use to boost your shares and raise your authority.

1. Industry Surveys

Industry surveys are a relatively easy way to make a big splash in your market, attract a bunch of links — good for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — and grow your social following all at the same time.

This doesn’t have to be any more complicated than setting up a questionnaire in Google Drive (free) and surveying your audience, customers or industry peers.

If your questions are geared towards generating insights that aren’t commonly known, or you are able to quantify a pattern or trend that you see developing, the results of this survey could be very interesting to your market.

The best way to use survey results for viral growth is to first publish them on your website or blog, then link to it from your social media updates. That way, any shares or links the survey gets are directed at your website (again, good for SEO), and whilst people are on your site you have the opportunity to convert them to leads.

Don’t forget also to collect the details of respondents so that you can notify everyone who participated once the results are published. Invite them to share the results on their own social feeds and you’ll pick up yet more visibility.

If your survey results are significant enough, publications and news outlets might take an interest. To increase the chances of this you can write up a few key takeaways into a short piece and send it over to journalists and editors who talk on your topic — you’d be amazed at how easy it is to get some press coverage with a good survey. The headline of your pitch is key, and key stats can make a popular choice for an attention grabbing statement.

Moz Industry Survey - 4 Powerful Content Types We Use To Boost Our Social Sharing

2. Product Reviews

Review products or services that are relevant to your audience. Give plenty of details and include rich media (pictures, videos, embedded Tweets) to make the review as valuable and comprehensive as possible, and increase time on page.

You can include ‘Tweetables’ — key facts and insights that your readers might want to Tweet — and use a service like ClickToTweet to enable your readers to Tweet these only a couple of clicks.

Remember to include your own Twitter handle and your blog link in the Tweetable, so that any Tweets your audience send out promote both you and your website.

Again, if you can find a headline in there (“Has X Just Rendered All Other Ys Obsolete?” or “X Stuns the ABC Industry with a revolutionary take on Z”) then you are more likely to attract the attention of the people you need.

Remember that if you’re writing positive reviews, the business providing the product or service might be interested to see the review once it’s live, and might Retweet a link to the review that you @reply them in.

Product Reviews - 4 Powerful Content Types We Use To Boost Our Social Sharing

3. Industry Predictions

Give future predictions, particularly if you can remark on something close to the hearts of others in your industry, again thinking about an eye-catching headline:

The Game Changer for Small Businesses: How small business online marketing just changed forever and what you need to do immediately to survive”.

I defy any small business owner’s interest NOT to be peaked there… Vogue’s ‘Six New Season Style Rules’ is good, as is ‘6 Interior Design Trends To Watch For In 2016’.

Industry Predictions - 4 Powerful Content Types We Use To Boost Our Social Sharing

4. Interviews

Interview leading figures about the future of your industry. Publish the interview on your website, then post it out on social media tagging the industry figure involved.

If they’re like most people, they’ll then Retweet this as it boosts their credibility in the eyes of their audience.

As always include a catchy or controversial headline and plenty of Tweetable quotes using ClickToTweet.

Which of these will you make your next blog post about?

You can find more details on how to get the best out of your social media marketing via our new book Profitable Social Media Marketing: How To Grow Your Business

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