A Beginners Guide To Using LinkedIn Pulse for Business

Syndicating and crafting new articles for LinkedIn Pulse is great addition to any advertising strategy. Here's how you can use it to promote your business.

Think of Pulse as a blog you can contribute to, hosted on LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn wants to be a place that influencers demonstrate their influence, it’s important that the network gives influential users a soapbox to stand on. So whilst Facebook has posts, Twitter has Tweets and Instagram has pictures, LinkedIn wants to get its members posting on Pulse.

The good news is that if your target audience is business to business (B2B), the chances are that there is a proportion of your market that spends a good amount of time on LinkedIn interacting with content that they find there.

What Sort of Content do Users of LinkedIn Respond Best To?

According to LinkedIn’s own study, six out of ten LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights, with 53% interested in company news. Can you scratch this itch?

What sort of insights do you have in your arsenal, and how could you present them so that the post is most likely to get clicks?

If you have company news, make sure that it’s genuinely interesting to your audience: a new product is never as exciting to your audience as it is to your team, so how can you tie the topic into something with broader appeal that’ll be more likely to get you shares and exposure?

Post frequency is an important visibility factor. LinkedIn’s own ‘Sophisticated Marketer’s guide to LinkedIn’ found that twenty posts per month is optimum for high visibility (reaching on average 60% of your audience), with some marketers posting as many as 3-4 posts per day.

Unless you’ve found LinkedIn to be a primary source of new business, this level of activity is usually not practical for most small-medium enterprises, and the pressure to post more stuff should never get in the way of posting great stuff.

A Beginners Guide To Using LinkedIn Pulse for Business

How To Format Your Post for Pulse

When it comes to posting content on LinkedIn, best practice guidelines closely mirror those of blogging, as you can see in these quick tips:

  • A good LinkedIn post starts with a good title. Make it short but descriptive, and leave out enough to intrigue your readers to click on the post to find out more.
  • You’ll want to use a good header image as this functions like a Facebook cover photo for your post, but remember that you can also embed images throughout the article to break up the text and keep your audience interested.
  • If you can embed rich media (videos, SlideShare presentations etc) in a natural way, this is also a good idea. Opera Mediaworks reports that videos attract as much as four times the engagement of static images.
  • Keep your post length to between 500-1,000 words. According to a study by Brian Lang, posts of this length are the most likely to be featured on Pulse.

How To Promote Your Post

LinkedIn’s visibility algorithm takes into consideration not how many views your post has had, but how often they are liked and shared, relative to the number of views. In other words, the virality of your post defines how much visibility it gets. There are a lot of positive feedback loops on social media, and this is one of them!

To get your post off to a good start, make sure that you’re posting it at an optimal time. Generally, avoid weekends and late afternoons, as LinkedIn’s audience is thinking about other things during this time.

Once you’ve posted your piece, share it through your other social channels and, if you’ve got an email list, consider sending out a link.

Remember that although you usually want to post original content to your own blog rather than driving traffic to somebody else’s site (in this case, LinkedIn), we’re doing this specifically to get some visibility across the LinkedIn network.

Good early interaction with your article — driven by existing contacts — can launch you to wider exposure, so occasionally giving your best work to another platform other than your own website is sometimes worth the trade-off.

Are you reading LinkedIn’s Pulse?

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