How to Utilise Authority Figures for an Increased Retweet Rate

How to Utilise Authority Figures for an Increased Retweet Rate

Twitter is a fast-moving social network where the individual power of a the voice is magnified not by a multiple of tens, but by thousands.

For new businesses approaching Twitter as a place for increased brand awareness and lead generation, the potential is almost immeasurable — but how can a new business account reach so far with only a handful of followers to begin with?

By utilising those whose voice reaches the furthest.

Authority figures such as Kim Kardashian are followed by tens of millions of followers, and when she mentions a new product it takes only a few minutes for that product to have been Retweeted and seen by thousands that may have never heard of the product just moments before.

Kim Kardashian's Follower Total - How to Utilise Authority Figures for an Increased Retweet Rate

By working with authority figures such as these it’s possible for a brand to increase their reach much more quickly and cheaply than direct paid advertising.

So how do you go about getting Retweeted or starting a conversation with an authority figure in your industry?

The first step is to find someone that has a history of responding and retweeting. Some authorities/celebrities treat Twitter purely as a broadcast medium and follow very few people.

Just like anybody else, the question running through their heads the whole time is “What’s in it for me?” There has to be a clear benefit to them if they are going to share your post or reply to you.

On social media, this clear benefit is usually a feeling of significance. Anything they RT or reply to is usually something that strengthens their position of authority or reinforces a principle or idea that they are known for promoting; it could be recognition of their impact; it could be a piece of news that would give them significance for promoting to their followers.

Imagine that your target celebrity has just released a new book. They want so badly to constantly tell their audience how proud they are of this new book and tell them to go out and buy it now. But this wouldn’t look classy, so they bite their lip and stay schtum about the book. You come along and Tweet them something along the lines of “Loving @celebrity’s new book! Great ideas for customer service in chapter 3!” This is exactly what they wanted to say but could never say themselves, so your chances of being Retweeted go up exponentially. Remember to make the Tweet short enough so that they can share it with your @twitter handle, and also make a comment and still get it under the 140 character limit.

New Book Release - How to Utilise Authority Figures for an Increased Retweet Rate

One of the keys to getting your target celebrity to actually see your message is Tweeting them at a time of day when they are most active. If they’re getting sixty replies per hour and you Tweet them three hours before they check their feed, your chance of being seen 180th in their feed is small. To find out the optimal time to Tweet your celebrity, look back through their history to see patterns of activity and notice when they tend to be most responsive.

Are they flicking through Twitter just after they wake up, at lunch and while they’re on the toilet? Probably yes, yes and yes!

Keep in mind that they could be using automatic post scheduling software in which case try to analyse the times of day that they are having conversations with followers rather than just Tweeting.

But remember one of the things that you want to avoid is Tweeting the celebrity with a Tweet that adds absolutely no value. For example, “Hey @celebrity you like cars? Check out my website!” Just because they have expressed interest in something doesn’t mean that they want to be spammed and your chance of a response is low.

Alternatively, if you have a larger budget to spend then it may be quicker to contact that user directly privately via email or their PR agent to discuss a one-off mention of your brand or product for a single fee. Depending on the forecast reach and engagement scores you could see a larger audience reach for $150 through one singular Tweet (and following Retweets), then you may find by spending $150 on a singular Twitter ad campaign.

Which authority figure would you like to connect with on Twitter?

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