Are You A Responsive Business?

Are You a Responsive Business?

There’s no doubt about it, the amount of people who go online through their smartphone is increasing every day. It is predicted that the number of mobile searches will surpass desktop internet searches by 2015.

Most of us already know this, right? But despite the fact that iPhones and smartphones have become ubiquitous, a lot of businesses still have dated websites that are not optimised to display correctly on mobile devices. This results in a frustrating experience for their visitors, many of whom end up going to a competitor with a website that it optimised for mobile.

If that’s still not enough to convince you that a responsive website is a must, then these few facts definitely will.

Around 50% of all local searches are carried out on mobile and tablet devices.

Over 20% of all Google searches are carried out on mobile phones.

Around 60% of people think highly of businesses and brands that have invested in creating a good mobile and tablet experience for their visitors.

Roughly 30% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. This shows that it is vital to have both a responsive website and responsive HTML email.

So our question for you is:

Does your current website display correctly on a wide range of mobile and tablet devices? If not, can you really afford the long-term costs of losing so many potential new customers?

User Experience is #1

We underestimate the importance of user experience and take it for granted that visitors will always buy from our websites. Google’s Insight group carried out a study which showed if a user doesn’t like the look of a mobile website or they find it difficult to navigate, they will immediately find another company that provides what they want.

If a visitor has a good mobile experience on your website, around 70% of those visitors will be much more inclined to buy from your business.

What Role Does Social Media Play?

Still haven’t set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business?

Businesses that have taken the time to invest in social media are now finding that a huge number of their visitors come directly from social media websites to their own business website. Upwards of 55% of all social media activity takes place on smartphones. This means that the majority of social users that visit your website will be viewing it on a mobile device!

Can you see a pattern emerging now?

Fast + Responsive = Best Rankings

A fast loading website is very, very important.

A website that loads quickly is much more likely to have a lower bounce rate as users can easily and efficiently find the information they need. This means that your website is also likely to rank better in search engine rankings as a result.

Quite often the reason for slow loading websites is that they are incorrectly optimised for mobile devices.

So How Can Exposure Ninja Speed Up Your Business?

Google have also suggested that responsive websites perform and rank better in the search engine results because they direct back to one single URL and are easier to maintain than traditional desktop websites .

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