How to Use Animated Videos to Market Your Business Online

Animated videos could give your digital PR strategy a real shot in the arm. Give your visitors some multimedia content and, the chances are, they’ll stick around.

Your digital PR strategy should be truly multimedia. You may be pumping out awesome blog posts and including the odd infographic, but if you haven’t stepped into the world of video, now is the time. Let’s take a look at our comprehensive, kick-ass guide to utilise short ‘n’ sweet animated videos to boost your marketing impact.

Why You Need Animated Videos

How to Create and Market Animated Videos

So, you’re hooked on the idea of skyrocketing traffic and sales. What next? Well, those lovely things can only happen after you’ve created some seriously ninja-level content, and then carried out some clever marketing techniques.

A well-made animated video will have your visitors shouting for more.

  • Define your goals
    Before you get the laptop out, ask yourself: “what’s my goal?” If the purpose of your video is to make a sale, think about how you’re going to achieve that. Modern consumers are wily and don’t respond well to the blunt marketing techniques of yesteryear.If you think your animated video might come out like a shopping channel advert, get back to the drawing board. You’re going to have to be clever — and that’s where the next step comes into play.
  • A digital PR essential: add value
    After a few animated videos showing off your latest product, your visitors will want something more. Your company is clearly the best at what you do, so share the wealth! Spread some of that knowledge you’ve acquired and visitors will appreciate the effort. Make every video the most useful video on the internet on that topic, just like you aim to make every blog post the most informative one around. The secret to successful digital PR is creating top-quality content, not just content for its own sake.Say you own a bicycle shop. You want to create videos that will bring people in to buy your bikes. As tempting as it is, you can’t just get your smartphone out, film the latest bike and expect it to entice people. You need to add value to your visitors’ lives and tell them something they don’t know. How about “The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Bike”? Much better.
  • Getting your animated videos seen
    But just making killer content is not always enough. Only a handful of companies get viral marketing right, and the ones who fail end up looking desperate. Thankfully, there are some clever SEO tricks that you can use to get people watching your animated videos.Firstly, upload it to YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, which decides who goes where in the rankings. Get chummy with them.Secondly, tag your video with relevant keywords that you want to rank well on. Google’s robots can’t read video just yet, so you have to do the tagging yourself. Go one step further by uploading closed captions (subtitles), because Google can read those, too.

    Finally, consider adding rich snippets to your video page’s HTML. Rich snippets are the little extra chunks of information that some websites display in search results. Things like author bios and star ratings are examples of rich snippets. They help to give users (and Google) a better idea of what’s on the website. Use them for your videos to give people a nudge in your direction.

What Next? Do It Like a Pro (Or Get a Pro To Do It)

Not everyone is born with the eye for film and most of us wouldn’t know where to start with an animated video. Unless you’ve got serious skills in this department, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Creating sub-standard content sends out a bad message to your visitors, and you don’t need that.


Getting in a Digital PR team to produce killer content for you will pay dividends in the end — and they can be hired for a lot less than you might think. Exposure Ninja offers an awesome animated video service that will see your website trampled by a digital stampede in no time. In a good way.

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