6 Things To Know Before Live Streaming Your Business

Want to use Periscope for your business? Here are six thinks to know before you get started live-streaming your business.

With the Twitter-owned live-streaming app Periscope reaching more than ten million users around the world that are eager to see more of their celebrities and brands, the opportunity to tap into that vast demographic of switched on digital users is too great to resist.

Live-streaming is fantastic for exclusive and backstage content for your fans and customers; content like photo shoots, ambassador interviews, conferences or panel discussions, product demonstrations or reviews, shop and retail tours, press day access and, of course, behind-the-scenes action.

Periscope - 6 Things To Know Before Live Streaming Your Business

Currently most popular for personal brands, or business figures that rely on their personal popularity, let’s look at commonalities and lessons from those that are succeeding early on:

1. Be Real and Wing It

The whole point of live-streaming — and the key Unique Selling Point (USP) of an app like Periscope – is that the content is unscripted and raw which dictates that what is shown is 100% ’real’. It’s important to embrace that aspect and avoid pre-scripted and fake live streams. If people wanted scripted, they’d go to YouTube.

2. Pick The Right Title

Your followers see the title of your stream before they decide whether or not to watch. Your title can be either straight forward (“Walking Around in the CN Tower”), Exclusive (“Backstage Peak of London Fashion Week”) and/or Unique/Weird (“100 viewers and I’ll eat a bug”). Even if you don’t have a plan for what you’ll be streaming, it helps to have some sort of connecting theme so that your audience can see a benefit to tuning in.

3. Make Your Broadcast Easy To Find

Periscope gives you the option to turn on Twitter sharing, so that when you begin your broadcast it will be shared with your Twitter followers. Also turn on Location Tagging so that people can find you if they are browsing through the “global” function on their Periscope app.

4. Say Hi!

As people start joining your conversation, you’ll see notifications in your stream. Make sure to acknowledge them by their Twitter handle and make them feel a part of the action.

5. Ask Questions

Twitter is all about sparking conversations and Periscope is no different. Ask your viewers questions like “what would you guys like to see next?” or something as simple as “does anyone want to ask me anything?” Viewers will answer by writing their answers in the stream so that you can answer in real time.

6. Learn From Your Replays

Periscope keeps your broadcast on their app for twenty-four hours allowing people (and you) to look at it again and/or to share it with their own followers. Which parts of the broadcast saw the best engagements? When did you lose viewers?

Will you start live streaming your business with Periscope?

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