The 5 Killer Questions You Need to Answer on Your Homepage

Questions to ask about your website:

From the front page and within 5 seconds, can your visitors answer the following questions about you:

  1. What does your company do? Don’t assume it’s obvious. 2 out of 3 websites I’ve critiqued tonight don’t make it clear enough.
  2. Who are your target customers?
  3. Where are you based (if you’re a local company)? Absolute KILLER. People won’t hunt – if you don’t tell them, they’re gone.
  4. What are the benefits of using you vs your competitors? If you can’t answer this, SEO can’t help you.
  5. What can visitors do immediately to take a step closer to buying from you? And do you offer people who aren’t ready to buy yet a way to interact with you?

Some Assumptions to Make About Your Visitors

They don’t care about you at all

Your website visitors are not like you and they don’t know your business like you. In fact, they really don’t care about you or your business at all – all they care about is what you can do to help them, whether it’s making them healthy, happy or rich.

They are busy and impatient

Your website visitors might have 10 tabs open with each of your competitors’ websites loaded. At this stage they’re not ‘researching’ they’re figuring out which tabs they can close so they can be left with the 3 sites they will take a closer look at before making a decision.

If your site doesn’t answer the 5 questions above, they close your tab and they’re gone. You lost the job, the potential repeat business and the referrals.

How many times each day is this happening to you, and what does that cost? Fixing this could pay for your next car.

They are Homer Simpson

Don’t require your visitors to have the detective skills of an SEO auditor.

You can’t be too obvious, and it’s not ‘classy’ to bury benefits.

Imagine your customers are Homer Simpson – not because they’re stupid, but because they’re busy, tired, overworked and they spend all day being pounded by ads from companies that don’t care about them.

The front page of your site is no place to mess around with bullshit corporate mission statements and stock photos. Get to the point and make it clear in SECONDS what makes you different & better, then offer your visitors something they can’t resist.

When you meet someone new, when in the conversation do you start talking about your corporate mission statement? Do you start reciting it as you go in for the handshake? Do you wait until the introductions are over, then start spouting it? Or do you shout it at them as they turn to walk away?

Probably none of these, so spare your website visitors from this crap as well – all they care about is “what’s in it for me?”




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