3 Ridiculously Profitable Ways to Get Customers from the Internet

We handle and analyse the online marketing for hundreds of businesses each month, in every imaginable market (and even some unimaginable ones!). With all this ‘front line experience’, it’d be hard not to spot some patterns in what’s working out there…

In this video series we’ll show you the top 3 strategies that we recommend every business tests. We’ve chosen this particular 3 for one reason: They deliver consistent results and a high ROI for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

That’s not to say that their results are guaranteed of course, and we’ll look at some key pointers to make sure that you’re getting the most from each and setting yourself up to win big.

Ridiculously Profitable Way 1: Remarketing

It’s well known that we ninjas LOVE remarketing. It’s low cost and highly targeted, and that makes for some previously unseen ROIs. If you’re interested in Remarketing and would like to take it for a test drive, check out our unbeatable free trial offer.

Ridiculously Profitable Way 2: Google Adwords/PPC

Many businesses have dabbled in Pay Per Click, but unfortunately this is a recipe for inefficiency and disaster. The truth is that there still is a lot of money to be made – but if you’re running your own campaign against competitors with professional daily management, the only one making that money is Google.

In our experience, even established Adwords users spending 6-figures each year are often wasing 20-45% of their ad spend through poorly targeted traffic, inefficient and ineffective use of negative keywords, ad scheduling, automated rules and demographic targeting. Tweaking an account like this obviously results in huge payouts for the company involved, but even small companies can see a significant return on investment from having an experienced Google-approved Partner helping them to manage their campaign.

Ridiculously Profitable Way 3: SEO

Anyone saying that SEO is dead clearly isn’t doing very well from SEO! As long as there are search engines, there will be search engine optimisation. SEO is all about presenting your business’s information in a way that allows search engines to rank you prominently for relevant phrases. What SEO ISN’T about is automated link spam, blog commenting or clicking anything that says “Submit Your Link”…

The reality is that prominent organic ranking is the best way to get a steady stream of qualified traffic to your website. While SEO work can be a significant investment and take many months before results are visible, for many businesses that rely on it for their growth, it’s irreplaceable.


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