Meet the Ninjas

Exposure Ninja’s digital marketing services are delivered by an outstanding team from various disciplines, including Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Web Development and Design.

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Tim Cameron-Kitchen / Founder and CEO

Charlie Marchant / Chief Operating Officer

Sales & Consultancy

Ali Newton / Head of Marketing Consultancy

Andrea Iliffe / Marketing Consultancy Team Leader

Wayne Dharana / Senior Marketing Consultant

Bevan Hornsby / Marketing Consultant

Freddy Heppell / Marketing Consultant

Nick Jacob / Marketing Consultant

Account Management

Nicola Tuxford / Head of Account Management

Sara-Jayne Slack / Account Management Team Manager

Mark Rowland / Client Retention Manager

Justine Cameron-Clarke / Senior Account Manager

Liezl Bruwer / Senior Key Accounts Manager

Mel Brooks / Account Manager

Hannah Tindale / Account Manager

Andrew Miles / Account Manager

Charlotte Holland / Account Manager

Nathan Knight Groves / Account Manager

Kyle Tolley / Account Manager

Kayla Newton-Hobbs / Account Manager

Lucy Thornber / Account Manager

Norvin Smith / Key Accounts Manager


Dale Davies / Head of Marketing

Jess Percival / Digital Marketer

Content Marketing

Luke Nicholson / Head of Content Marketing (CM)

Natasha Sheldon / Senior Content Editor

Laura Cayuela Ferrero / Content Editor

Laura Stewart / Content Editor

Jane Love / Content Editor

Paul Grimwood / Content Editor

Rebecca Merrifield / Content Editor

Samuel Lloyd / CM Team Manager

Gustavo Uy / Senior Content Marketer

Hannah Whitehouse / Senior Content Marketer

Annabelle Baugh / Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Christy Morgan / CM Ninja

Megan Price / CM Ninja

Adam Roberts / CM Ninja

Susanna Kemp / Senior Content Marketer

Joe Barclay / CM Ninja

Barnaby Bourton / CM Ninja

Bethany Hamer / CM Ninja

Katie Pascall / CM Ninja

Christopher John-George / CM Ninja

Rebecca Read / CM Ninja

Melissa Adams / Social Media Strategy Manager

Email Marketing

Abigail Daunton-Johns / Head of Email Marketing and Account Management Team Manager

Hannah Barron / Email Marketing Strategy Manager

Flora Miller / Email Marketing Ninja

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Lizzie Cross / Head of PPC 

Ana Galanzovski / PPC Team Manager

Rebecca Pilkington / Paid Social Copywriter

George Marimat / PPC Ninja

Arun Kumar / PPC Ninja

Joseph Baaklini / GA & GTM Tracking Ninja

Hajni Gyarmati / PPC Ninja

Rocío Del Río Ruiz / PPC Ninja

Lorena Carballo / PPC Video Content Creator/Editor

Slobodan Jelisavac / PPC Ninja

Jana Maljic / PPC Ninja

Sinead O’Brien / Paid Social Strategy Manager

Paul Clintoc / PPC Ninja

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Andy Tuxford / Head of SEO 

Paul Mitchel / SEO Team Manager

Adrian Dioneso / SEO Strategy Manager

Ritu Goel / SEO Ninja

Paul Andonaque / Senior SEO Ninja

Ed Bermejo / SEO Ninja

Cheryll Gallego / SEO Ninja

Klaudia Majewska / SEO Ninja

Leilani Maravillas / SEO Ninja

Leroy-Winston Scott / SEO Ninja

Website Development

Victoria Lane / Head of Website Development

Joe Barlow / Senior Dev Project Manager

Lee Knapton / Ad Hoc Dev Project Manager

Martin Gadd / Dev Project Manager

Emily Cullinan / Dev Project Manager

John McIntosh / Dev Project Manager

Karthi Somasundaram / Web Developer

Waqar Ali / Web Developer

Ajinkal Kumari / Web Developer

Abdulgani Tumbi / Web Developer

Aarti Rawat / Web Developer

Kiran Rajgiri / Web Developer

Ankush Thakur / Web Developer

Eva Lyons / Web Developer

Andrei Shapa / Graphic Designer

Benz Alonzo / Graphic Designer

Phillip Salinas / SEO Web Developer

Marben Dimson / Dev QA Ninja

Mat Price / Dev Copywriter

Finance / HR / Support

Rain Agustin / Head of Finance, HR and Support

Maisa Garcia / HR Team Manager

Katie Tyler / Talent Acquisition Specialist

Genesis Sayon / HR Engagement Officer

Karen Zamora / HR Support and Reports Officer

Jenelyn Bestudio / Finance Team Manager

Josie May Gimena / Billing and Collections Officer

Josephine Tusit / Support Team Manager

Ruby Calahi / Support and CAML Maintenance Officer

Michelle Adriano / Systems Administrator

Angel Perez / Client Onboarding Support Ninja

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